How to extend the life of forklift clutch release bearings?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-13
How to extend the life of forklift clutch release bearings? The release bearing of the internal combustion forklift clutch works frequently, and the number of damages accounts for a large proportion of the forklift failure. If the driver operates properly and maintains it in time, the bearing can be used for about 3 months, but it must be replaced when it is repaired. If the driver's technical level is low, the forklift truck he drives will have the release bearing damage almost every month, and other parts such as the release lever and clutch plate will be damaged after the damage, which will significantly increase the material cost for equipment maintenance. After analysis, it is believed that because the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to the release bearing, and the high-speed rotation of the bearing also produces high temperature, it is difficult for the oil to stay in the bearing under this condition. The bearing works continuously at high temperature and the lubrication condition is not good. Reasons for frequent damage. In response to the above problems, after repeated practice, improvement, and summing up experience, a set of relatively simple oil injection operation methods was finally formed. The specific process is as follows: 1. Grease the nozzle grease gun to the small oil hole under the inner ring of the release bearing seat. When the grease overflows from the bearing, rotate the bearing until the grease overflows on one ring of the bearing. 2. The oil injection method for the engine not to disintegrate First open the clutch cover and observe The wear of the release bearing, if it is confirmed that the bearing is not damaged or the wear does not exceed the limit, remove the clutch pedal, adjust the connecting rod pin to make the release bearing and its seat return to the final position, and use a sharp-nose grease gun to the bearing seat Fill the hole with butter until oil overflows from the bearing, then turn the bearing slightly, fill the oil again, and repeat the above work until a little butter overflows around the bearing, then rotate the bearing and observe the amount of oil. If you feel resistance to the bearing rotation, the forklift , To prove that the bearing has been filled with butter. Then remove a small amount of butter overflowing from all parts of the release bearing seat, and reassemble the removed pins and clutch cover.
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