How to deal with these failures of the all-electric hydraulic pallet truck?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-21
How to deal with these failures of the all-electric hydraulic pallet truck? 1. Shaking during lifting. Elimination methods: 1. There is air in the lifting cylinder, which can be solved by exhausting the load multiple times; hydraulic system leaks, repair or replace; 2. Self-descent when there is a load. Elimination method: 1. Pipe If there is oil leakage in the circuit or oil circuit joint, replace the seal; the electromagnetic, manual reversing valve, the one-way valve is stuck with dirt or the sealing ring is worn, resulting in internal leakage, clean the valve assembly and replace the seal; 3. The lifting speed is too slow Or it can’t be lifted. Elimination methods: 1. The oil tank is short of oil and needs to be filled with hydraulic oil or replaced completely; 2. The oil filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned with kerosene; 3. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient and readjust; 4. The oil pump is excessively worn Internal leakage occurs and needs to be replaced; 5. Electromagnetic, manual directional valve, one-way valve, safety valve are worn or the seals are worn and aging, and need to be replaced; 6. Lifting cylinder seals are worn, aging, and need to be replaced; 7. Hydraulic oil If the temperature is too high for a long period of time, the hydraulic oil has deteriorated and its viscosity has dropped, and the hydraulic oil has leaked. Replace the hydraulic oil; 4. The driving wheel produces abnormal noise. 1. Hard debris is mixed in the lubricating oil. Replace the lubricating oil; 2. The bearing is excessively worn or damaged , Needs to be replaced; 5. Brake failure 1. The control circuit is not disconnected, and the scissor control system; 2. The brake friction lining is worn and needs to be replaced; 6. It does not move at all 1. Check whether the electric door lock has been opened or whether it has been Bad; 2. Whether the battery has electricity, the animal battery is insufficient, and it needs to be supplemented; 3. Whether the power socket has been inserted tightly, whether the emergency switch is in the off state, and whether the fuse in the machine is blown; 7. Can not rise and Lowering 1. The micro switch in the control switch is loose or malfunctioning, the reset switch spring is loose, and the screw is locked; 2. The oil circuit of the hydraulic oil valve is blocked and needs to be cleaned; 3. The wiring of the DC contactor for lifting is loose or malfunctioning; 8. Decrease speed is too fast The flow rate of hydraulic valve is too large or too small, change the slow flow valve, 'large is fast, small is slow'.
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