How to deal with the spilled electrolyte of the forklift battery?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-19
How to deal with the spilled electrolyte of the forklift battery? Electric forklifts are a very common industrial handling tool, and electric forklifts use forklift batteries as their power source. Forklift batteries are an open battery. We need to regularly add pure water to it to ensure that the battery does not dry out. The concentration of dilute sulfuric acid after adding water to the battery is 1.28g/cm. What should I do if it accidentally spills? Here, the editor will explain to you how to deal with it economically when the electrolyte is spilled. 1. Electrolyte splashed to the eyes: immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of water and receive professional doctor's treatment. 2. Electrolyte splashed to the clothes: immediately take off the clothes, rinse with water and then rinse with weak alkaline soap. 3. Electrolyte splashed on the skin: rinse immediately with plenty of water. 4. Electrolyte leakage: When the electrolyte leaks to the outside, neutralize it with lime, strong carbonated soda or carbonated soda immediately, and rinse with plenty of water.
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