How to correctly use the seat belt of the forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-04
With the continuous development of productivity, the demand for forklifts in all walks of life is gradually increasing, and forklift seat belts are one of the safety accessories in forklifts, and they must be used correctly to reduce risks. Before use, pull out the belt as much as possible, adjust the buckle near the waist, the remaining seat belt can be wrapped around the shoulders, adjust the length of the shoulder straps near the chest, and leave enough room for a fist. The forklift belt should pull smoothly from the winder when the belt is pulled down slowly by hand. When pulling the seat belt sharply, it should not be pulled, otherwise the seat belt will fail. After use, press the button plug to disengage. Do not arbitrarily change the working structure and principle of the forklift seat belt to make it safer and more effective to protect the driver. After the forklift has encountered serious collisions, rollovers, etc., or due to normal chemical effects from the outside world, such as sun and rain, the forklift seat belts are damaged, cracked, aged or loosely deformed, they must be replaced with new ones. belt. When the performance of the forklift seat belt is poor, these forklift seat belts that cannot be automatically retracted, cannot be self-locked in an emergency, and are not fastened tightly must be replaced to ensure their safety.
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