How to clean the oil stains of forklift parts

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-06
Forklift accessories refer to the basic parts that make up forklifts and other large machines. These accessories are prone to oil pollution during use or replacement. So how should we clean such contaminated forklift accessories? The first thing to note is that the accessories generally work for 500 hours or three months to check and replace the oil filter. Regularly flushing the imported oil filter of the oil pump can prolong its service life; and check whether the hydraulic oil of the forklift accessories is acidified or not. The contamination of other pollutants can be roughly determined by the smell of hydraulic oil; secondly, ensure that no foreign particles enter the fuel tank through the breather cap, the plug seat of the oil filter, the sealing gasket of the oil return line and other openings of the fuel tank. Finally, if an electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the system, the flushing plate of the servo valve should allow the oil to flow from the oil supply line to the collector and directly back to the tank, so that the oil can be circulated repeatedly to flush the system and let the oil filter Filter out solid particles. Hope the above is helpful to you.
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