How to clean a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-06
Forklift manufacturers remind us that after the forklift is used up, it needs to be cleaned up in time, but what needs to be paid attention to in the process of cleaning? First, pay attention to parking, and in the process of parking, you need to pay attention to anti-freezing, sun protection, and rain protection. It is worth noting that after use, the fork should be dropped to the ground, and the piston rod of each hydraulic cylinder should be retracted into the cylinder, and then it should be cleaned, mainly to clean the dust on it, you can use a soft rag to wipe the body, In this way, all the dust on it can be removed. It is also necessary to check the hydraulic system of the forklift, observe whether it has leakage, and eliminate other faults, so as to ensure the integrity of the product and prolong its service life.
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