How to choose plastic pallets for electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-21
How to choose plastic pallets for electric forklifts One: Selection of specifications: 1. First consider the packaging specifications of the goods and the way they are placed on the plastic pallets. For example: the basic size of the European standard turnover box is 600*400mm, 5 boxes are placed on a 1200*1000mm pallet, 4 boxes are placed on a 1200*800mm pallet, and 5 layers are generally stacked; Japanese standard The basic size of the turnover box is 530*365mm and 650*440mm. Place 6 and 4 in one layer on a 1100*1100mm pallet, and generally stack 5 layers; of course, if the product is not stored in the turnover box, It must be arranged according to the size of the original packaging of the goods. 2. Consider the situation of pallet loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example: if it is a round-trip or one-time use, priority should be given to the integration of the shipping container with a width of 2300mm. For pallets of 1200*1000mm, a combination of 1200mm in length and 1000mm in width must be used, and 4-way entry forks must be used. 3. If it is used on warehouse shelves, the width and depth of the shelves should be considered. The more common beam-type shelves have two pallets on each floor and each space, leaving a space of about 100mm for storage and retrieval activities. The shelf depth should be as large as possible, so that the carrying capacity of the plastic pallets will not be too demanding, so as to save purchase costs. 4. If it is used in an automatic three-dimensional warehouse, in addition to meeting the above requirements, it also considers the anti-skid coefficient of the pallet surface, the cooperation between the bottom surface of the pallet leg and the chain conveyor equipment, the height of the fork hole, the width of the fork, and the evenly placed load bearing of the shelf. Factors such as the amount of weight, permanent deformation, the deflection of the long and short sides, the location of the bar code and the placement of the RFID chip. 5. The size of plastic pallets should also be considered for versatility. Two: Single-sided and double-sided options: 1. Single-sided plastic pallets can only be used on the front side. There are two types of grid-shaped and flat-shaped surfaces. The bottom has a Sichuan shape, a field shape and a nine-pin shape, according to the carrying capacity and use The occasions are divided into three types: shelf series, standard series and light series. 2. The double-sided plastic pallet means that the front and back sides of the pallet have the same structure, and the two sides can be interchanged. The surface has two types: grid-shaped and flat-shaped. According to the different carrying capacity and use occasions, it is divided into two standards: shelf series and standard series. 3. Which pallet to choose should be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading, unloading and handling equipment and status. Three: Load requirements: 1. Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted by an electric forklift or manual pallet truck at a time. Generally, a rack pallet can carry 1.5 tons, a standard pallet can carry 1 ton, and a light pallet can carry 0.5 tons. 2. Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom plastic pallet can bear in stacking. Generally, rack pallets can carry 6 tons, standard pallets can carry 4 tons, and light pallets can carry 2 tons. 3. The shelf load has certain requirements for the permanent deformation and deflection of plastic pallets. The national maximum deflection standard is 30mm, but this data is obviously wider. It is recommended to use plastic pallets with a maximum deflection of no more than 15mm on the shelves, and the requirements for automatic three-dimensional warehouses are within 6mm. Four: The choice of one-piece molding and welding pallets: Most of the grid single-sided and double-sided pallets are made of one-piece, made of high-density polyethylene, which has strong weather resistance, good product stability, and at the same time impact strength and tensile strength Not bad. However, some flat pallets and double-sided pallets cannot be formed at one time due to the limitations of product structure and mold technology. They can only be produced by welding and use co-polypropylene, which places higher requirements on the technology of the factory. In short, no matter which structure of the pallet, the product quality is guaranteed, but the welding pallet increases the welding process, and under the premise of the same specifications, the cost will be higher than that of the integrally formed pallet.
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