How to choose a warehouse truck reasonably?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-12
How to choose a warehouse truck reasonably? In the actual selection process of the pallet truck, it must be viewed from the low height. Generally speaking, the height of the pallet in the world is 185mm. The various manufacturers of international manual hydraulic pallet trucks must also do the same. Such a height, generally speaking, the heights of their hydraulic pallet trucks are 85 mm and 75 mm when they are placed in the place. The height of the fork of the manual hydraulic pallet truck from the ground can reach 51 mm, and some can even reach 35 mm. Millimeters, this is a special requirement. Hand Pallet Truck 2>When choosing a truck, you should also look at the material thickness of the fork steel plate. Generally speaking, the standard 3.0t truck uses a steel plate thickness of four millimeters, and some are slightly worse. The thickness of the steel plate, plus the paint, may not reach 4 mm, but some may be only 3.5 mm thick, but in the actual selection process, you should also look at their standard thickness. The purchaser must usually pay attention to this matter. To prevent some manufacturers from cutting corners in exchange for price advantages, this may also be irresponsible to the consumer group. 3>The selection of trucks must be based on the download weight. Generally speaking, the international manual trucks are divided into various load capacities, which can be divided according to the needs of the market.
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