How to choose a truck?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-10
How to choose a truck? Cargo handling can be divided into horizontal handling and vertical handling. With its compact body, flexible use, convenience, and environmental protection, the handling truck has become an indispensable tool to meet the horizontal handling of materials. Generally speaking, pallet trucks can be divided into manual pallet trucks, semi-electric pallet trucks and all-electric pallet trucks. Manual Pallet Trucks Manual trucks can be divided into manual hydraulic trucks, high-lift scissor trucks and electronic scale trucks according to their appearance configuration. The manual pallet truck has a large carrying capacity and is one of the tools used to carry heavy objects in a short distance. It is driven by the ability to drive the hydraulic system to achieve the lifting and lowering of the goods, and is pulled by manpower to complete the handling operation. Semi-electric trucks Pallet trucks are also called pallet trucks. The semi-electric pallet truck is lifted by the electric drive system, and adopts the automatic principle when lowering, and the handling operation is assisted by manpower. All-electric pallet truck The principle of lifting and descending goods is the same as that of a semi-electric pallet truck. The difference is that all operations of the all-electric pallet truck use an electric control system, which does not require manual operation. It is a relatively time-saving and labor-saving handling tool.
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