How to choose a forklift model

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-25
When using forklifts, the choice of forklift models is crucial, and the forklifts we choose must fully meet the needs of the industry. If it is a different model with different work efficiency, the number of forklifts and drivers required are also different, which will lead to a series of changes in costs. If the forklift is operating in the warehouse, the width of the aisle required by different models is different, and the lifting capacity is also different, which will bring about changes in the layout of the warehouse. Changes in models and their numbers will have an impact on many aspects such as fleet management. In addition, different models have different market holdings, and their after-sales support capabilities are also different. Only by choosing the correct type of forklift can we put it into operation correctly, so we should pay more attention to this aspect, which can also improve the working efficiency of the forklift.
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