How to check the quality of electric forklift rental

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-28
How to check the quality of electric forklift leasing 1. After the electric forklift is leased, check the engine after starting: open the radiator water inlet cover. If the cooling level in the radiator is static, it means that the thermostat is working normally, otherwise, it means that the temperature is reduced. The device is malfunctioning. 2. This is because when the water temperature is lower than 70, the thermostat expansion cylinder is in a contracted state and the main valve is closed; when the water temperature is higher than 80, the expansion cylinder expands, the main valve gradually opens, and the circulating water in the radiator starts to flow. 3. When the water temperature meter indicates below 70, if there is water flowing at the water inlet pipe of the radiator and the water temperature is warm, the main valve of the meter time thermostat is not closed tightly, causing the cooling water to circulate prematurely. 4. Check after the water temperature rises: At the beginning of the engine operation, the water temperature reaches thousands of times quickly; when the water temperature gauge indicates 80, the heating rate slows down, which indicates that the thermostat is working normally. Conversely, if the water temperature has been rising very quickly, when the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the boiling water suddenly overflows, which indicates that the main valve is stuck and suddenly opened. 5. When the water temperature meter indicates 70-80 for the electric forklift rental, open the radiator cover and the radiator water release switch, and feel the water temperature with your hands. If all are hot, the thermostat is working normally; if the water temperature at the radiator water inlet is low and the heat is dissipated No water or very little water flows out from the inlet pipe of the upper water chamber of the device, indicating that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened.
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