How to check the abnormal water temperature of the internal combustion forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-01
The internal combustion forklift is a kind of special equipment that works outdoors. If the temperature is high in summer and the maintenance of the internal combustion forklift is improper, various problems will occur, and the water temperature will be abnormal when running for a long time. How do we check it? 1. Check the water pump: The cooling water continuously circulated in the cooling system is supplied by the water pump. The ability to establish the pressure that the pump will fill is key to the proper functioning of the cooling system. With the addition of cooling water, along with the increase in engine speed, the coolant level drops significantly, indicating that the pump is running normally. Conversely, the pump and impeller may be loose, and the cooling water may not be able to circulate. In an internal combustion forklift engine, the pump, generator and cooling fan share a belt, so tensioning the belt will directly affect the speed of the pump, fan and generator. Press the center of the belt with your finger. The lower deflection is 11-13mm. If it is too large, the water temperature is too high. If it is too small, the pump bearings and generator bearings will be damaged. 2. Check the thermostat: At present, the thermostat used in the internal combustion forklift engine is mainly controlled by the wax thermostat. The primary performance indicator is that the thermostat requires different lift at different water temperatures. Next, the cooling water temperature is dynamically controlled. The cooling system used to see that the quality of the thermostat is not degraded depends primarily on the temperature difference between the radiator inlet and outlet pipes. Before starting the internal combustion forklift engine, there should be a large temperature difference between the intake pipe and the exhaust pipe by hand.
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