How to change forklift tires

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-08
The use of forklifts can improve the efficiency of material operation, reduce labor intensity, and improve labor conditions. What should I do if the tires need to be replaced? First park the forklift on a flat, hard road, turn off the engine, and leave the forklift in an unloaded state. Lower the fork to the ground, stop the wheel with the parking brake, such as replacing the drive tire, support the jack on the side of the front of the frame, such as changing the steering tire, support the jack in the center of the rear bracket of the rear axle. Slightly jack up the forklift truck so that the tires are still in contact with the ground; first unscrew the bolts that fix the inflation tube, remove the clips, and then loosen the hub nuts. Then use the jack to fully support the car, unscrew the hub nut, and remove the tire. The installation sequence of forklift accessories is opposite to the removal sequence, and when installing the hub nuts, the tightening torque must reach the specified value.
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