How to avoid forklift work mistakes

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-03
If you want to use a forklift, you should pay attention to strengthening the training of operators, and fully master the relevant knowledge, so that the basic faults of the forklift can be eliminated in time. Moreover, after the work is over, the operator should judge the sound of the forklift to see if the pronunciation of each part is normal, and ensure that the parts are in good condition. When repairing the forklift, it is also necessary to operate in accordance with the corresponding operation manual. If it is not operated according to the requirements, it will lead to a forklift accident in severe cases, causing damage to both the operator and the forklift, so it should not be careless. Due to the influence of the working environment and the type of forklift, in some narrow aisles, it may cause shock damage and the like. For this, skilled drivers should be allowed to work, and special attention should be paid to dangerous road sections. Clear the indicator light to avoid accidents.
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