How to Avoid Forklift Operation Risks

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-27
Forklift manufacturers said that in terms of forklift design, color, and the matching of equipment and operating environment and working conditions, it is very important to avoid accidents. When operating the forklift, try to be stable. Before conveying and driving, place the goods in a uniform order and tie them tightly with the fork. When driving, avoid sudden braking and sudden turning. The road surface should be smooth when driving on potholes. goods. If the load on the fork is too heavy, it will cause the rear of the truck to lift up. At this time, the personnel should stand on one end of the forklift and use their weight as a balanced counterweight. It is strictly forbidden for anyone other than the operator to ride and stand on the forklift, and it shall not be overloaded according to the regulations. Operators of forklifts must also pay attention to safety issues and abide by relevant regulations. They are widely used in major workshops, key traffic, and transfer intermediates.
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