How to avoid abnormally high temperature of electric forklift battery

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-27
The battery is a very important part of the electric forklift. It may be abnormally high temperature during use. What is the reason for this? How can we avoid it in use? If the battery of the electric forklift truck is abnormally high temperature, overheating, and smoking, it is necessary to immediately stop the operation of the forklift truck and stop charging. It is necessary to further detect various reasons that may affect the high temperature of the battery, such as the battery, the vehicle, and the charger. If the forklift battery continues to discharge with high current , cause the battery temperature to be high, the electrolyte will volatilize rapidly, the plate will burn, the active material will fall off, and of course the plate will age, which will increase the internal resistance of the battery, and the internal resistance will generate a lot of heat during use. In this case, there are potential safety hazards, and the battery must be replaced in time; there is also the problem of the circuit board of the forklift. We all know that the forklift relies on the battery as the driving force. Once the line fails, the battery current will also increase, causing high temperature. There is a certain possibility. Forklift drivers should often feel the temperature of the forklift battery with their hands. When the lead-acid battery of the forklift is being charged or discharged, its own temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. The electric forklift battery needs to be preserved when it is not in use in the later period to avoid insufficient power when the forklift is urgently used. This tubular lead-acid battery has a certain self-discharge and has stricter environmental requirements. Please pay attention to the temperature during storage. Do not exceed -20 ℃~+40℃ range. Store the battery in a fully charged state. Since a part of the capacity will be lost due to self-discharge during transportation or during the storage period, please recharge it when using it. If it is not used for a long time, please recharge it to make up for the self-discharge during storage.
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