How to adjust the speed of an electric forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-26
In the process of handling goods, we need to carry out the process of frequency conversion and speed change according to the specific actual requirements, so how do we adjust the speed of the electric forklift? Throttling speed change, volume speed change, throttling speed change will change the cross-sectional size of the flow control element in the control loop, which can effectively control the flow of the components, and then more effectively adjust the operating speed of the electric forklift. Because the adjustment of the movement speed is mainly completed by the change of the flow section, the energy consumption will be damaged to a certain extent. The volume change of the electric forklift will change the displacement of the variable piston pump in the control loop, so that the adjustment process of the components can be carried out. On the one hand, the pump-controlled volume speed change changes the motor speed ratio of the electric forklift, and can also further change the output flow of the hydraulic pump. In addition, the displacement of the hydraulic pump can be changed by using the variable organization, so that the output flow of the hydraulic pump can be changed. The pump source of the electric forklift is completed by the pressure feedback type variable displacement piston pump. When controlling the motor speed, it can be completed by frequency conversion, which can further complete the volume change. With the continuously changing load operation, it will gradually transform into the working pressure of the electric forklift, which will further improve the work efficiency. According to relevant research data, the working pressure of the electric forklift is usually maintained in a balanced position with the feedback pressure.
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