How should electric forklifts be driven and maintained?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-22
How should electric forklifts be driven and maintained? 1. Let the driver feel safe. The unreasonable operation of the forklift rental forklift may cause safety hazards. These unreasonable operations include: do not slow down when turning, drive when the load is high, overload the forklift, and drive in a tilted, soft air, etc. The driver should try his best to prevent these unsafe operations during operation. With the widespread use of electric forklifts in the consumer process, the safety of forklifts has become increasingly important. The Dongguan electric forklift rental forklift has been designed to provide the driver with the greatest safety factor and minimize the risk of forklift damage. Dongguan electric forklifts include the following safety installations: safety installation when starting the engine and safety installation when the engine cover is opened, that is, when the engine is running, such as opening the engine cover, the safety installation of the forklift configuration can control the engine not to start. 2. Water cooling vs. oil cooling In life, most of the engines of cars and forklifts we have seen use water cooling technology. Everyone knows that water will contain impurities, and long-term use is prone to scaling. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the water cooling system and avoid the impact of harsh weather conditions, manufacturers must add antifreeze in the water, and these additives will reduce the forklift to a certain level. Cooling effect and effectiveness. Forklift rental So what can be done to improve this situation? The unique oil cooling system of the forklift does not contain impurities and does not require antifreeze.
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