How much do you know about the operation skills of forklifts in ramp transition plates and roadways?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-15
How much do you know about the skills of forklifts operating in ramp transition plates and roadways? The width of Dongguan forklifts operating in narrow lanes is smaller than that of ordinary forklifts. According to the requirements of narrow lanes, select suitable forklifts to run in them. Before running, check whether there are other forklifts or people in the roadway. If there are people or forklifts in the roadway, the driver should wait for the people or the forklift to leave the roadway before driving the forklift into this narrow roadway. Otherwise, the two vehicles may collide. Injure people or cars. If there are workers who have to stay in the tunnel due to work reasons, appropriate protective measures should be taken, warning signs can be placed in the tunnel, or the forklift in the tunnel can be stopped. If a forklift is to run on a ramp, first, a forklift capable of climbing must be selected according to the technical requirements of Dongguan forklift. When running, the load should face the side of the slope; it is not allowed to run diagonally, stop diagonally, or turn around on the slope. If the forklift needs to drive on the transition board, the driver should ensure that the transition board is installed according to regulations before driving, has good safety and reliability, and can have sufficient load-bearing capacity. In order to prevent the forklift from moving, safety measures should be taken before driving, and the safety measures must meet the requirements of the forklift. Whether driving in a roadway or on a ramp or transition board, when driving, the operator’s operating direction must be straight, with both eyes looking straight ahead; going straight should be less hitting or returning; correcting to the right in time; before turning Slow down first, give the signal first, then turn; keep the forklift to the right, make a sharp turn and make a slow turn. In order to ensure driving safety, forklift drivers should ensure adequate sleep and rest before work, and not fatigue driving.
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