How much do you know about the maintenance of forklift batteries?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-26
How much do you know about the maintenance of forklift batteries? 1. Maintain good contact. Check whether the battery is in good contact with the power cord and connectors every day to prevent the battery terminals from melting due to poor contact. 2. Do not place debris on the battery for maintenance of forklift trucks in Dongguan, which may cause the purity of the electrolyte to decrease, especially when metal objects fall into the battery, which may cause short-circuit failure. 3. Avoid using and charging under high temperature. When charging, open the top cover of the Dongguan forklift battery to improve heat dissipation. If the temperature exceeds 50°C, the charging should be suspended or placed in a sink to cool. 4. Charge in time. After the Dongguan forklift is repaired and discharged, it should be charged in time, especially if it is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored. 5. Avoid over-discharge, control the depth of discharge below 80%, long-term over-discharge will reduce the battery capacity and life. 6. Pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited. Explosive gas will be generated when the battery is charged, and explosion accidents are prone to occur when exposed to open flames. 7. Keep the battery clean. Dust, dirt, electrolyte overflow and other phenomena will cause the battery to connect and leak, so it should be cleaned and wiped clean in time to keep it clean. 8. When the battery is charging, the water is consumed, and the maintenance of the Dongguan forklift should be filled with distilled water in time. Be careful not to add electrolyte! Add water before charging, and the liquid level must meet the requirements.
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