How do forklift rental users perform forklift maintenance?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-18
How do forklift rental users perform forklift maintenance? Firstly, clean the fuel tank, filter screen and pipeline, and check whether there is corrosion or cracking. After cleaning, do not wipe with fiber yarn or cloth. Clean the torque converter, gearbox, check the wear of parts, and replace with new oil. Check the bearing of the drive shaft and change the direction of the universal joint cross shaft as necessary. Check the fastening status of each part of the drive axle and whether there is oil leakage, and dredge the air holes. Disassemble and inspect the main reducer, differential, and wheel reducer, adjust the axial clearance of the bearing, and add or replace the lubricating oil. Disassemble, inspect, adjust and lubricate the front and rear wheel hubs, and perform half-shaft shifting. Clean the steering gear and check the amount of free rotation of the steering wheel. Several common reasons for forklift brake failure: step on the brake pedal several times in succession, the pedal does not rise and feels no resistance. The lower crankcase repaired by Dongguan forklifts is commonly known as the oil pan, and its function is to store lubricating oil. Generally, it is stamped with a thin steel plate. According to the orientation of the oil pump, a groove is often formed in the middle or the rear, and a baffle is welded to prevent the lubricating oil from surging. There is an oil drain plug at the bottom of the box, which is often magnetic, which can attract iron filings in the lubricating oil to reduce the wear of the engine. Fault analysis and removal: first check whether the brake master cylinder is short of brake fluid; step on the brake pedal. Fault analysis and removal: If there is no sense of linkage, it may be that the connection between the pedal and the brake master cylinder is disconnected. You should check the connection mechanism and connect it; step on the brake pedal, although you feel a certain resistance, but the pedal position cannot be maintained. Obviously sinking, and the main pump is leaking or spraying. Fault analysis and removal: most of the brake master cylinder seals are broken. The brake master cylinder should be disassembled and the master cylinder seal should be replaced.
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