Good use of push-pull

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-16
The push-pull manufacturer introduced here that the use of the push-pull can improve the working efficiency and safety performance of the forklift, and can also greatly reduce its damage. The use of push-puller for material handling and a plastic sliding pallet instead of the pallet has low cost and saves the maintenance and stacking costs of the pallet, especially when stacking goods in containers and carriages, which saves stacking more effectively It can be seen that the forklift pusher plays an important role in giving full play to the function of the forklift. After adding a push-pull controlled by a hydraulic system to an ordinary forklift, the forklift can be used for cargo turnover and loading and unloading operations when loading products on plastic pallets. The forklift pusher is a very mature forklift, which is used with plastic sliding pallets, so the two are complementary.
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