Give you a brief introduction to the structural characteristics of electric forkliftsu200b

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-18
To briefly introduce the structural characteristics of electric forklifts, the rapid development of electric forklifts is mainly due to the continuous advancement of technology. At present, most of its appearance adopts streamlined design, and its appearance is more beautiful. The processing accuracy and the degree of automation have been improved. In terms of new materials and new processes, the most important manifestation is the application of transistor controllers (SCR and MOS tubes). Its appearance has greatly improved the performance of electric forklifts. Generally speaking, the durability, reliability and applicability of electric forklifts have been significantly improved, which can completely compete with internal combustion engine forklifts. The following Dongguan forklift maintenance manufacturers mainly introduce to you the current body structure of electric forklifts. The body of the forklift is the main structure of the forklift. It is generally made of steel plates above 5mm. It is characterized by no girders, and the body has high strength and can withstand heavy loads. Regarding the placement of the battery on the forklift body, there are two different manufacturing techniques, that is, the battery is placed between the front and rear axles or on the rear axle. These two technologies represent the two optimal choices for forklift design, and each has advantages and disadvantages, and has good stability, but the available space in the vehicle body is small, so the capacity of the battery is limited. This is for the load of less than 3t Forklifts are not prominent, but for those large-tonnage forklifts that require high battery capacity within 8 hours of working hours with complex movement conditions, it becomes serious. The use of large-capacity batteries to extend the continuous working time of electric forklifts, thereby expanding the scope of use of electric forklifts, is the common goal pursued by all forklift manufacturers. In the second case, when the battery is arranged on the rear axle of the forklift, the center of gravity of the forklift is increased, and the stability of the whole machine is affected. As the height of the forklift increases, the driver's seat increases, so the driver has a wider vision during operation, especially It is more applicable when handling bulky goods. When the battery is placed on the rear axle, the maintenance of the motor and hydraulic pump is more convenient, because the motor and hydraulic pump are clear after removing the battery and pedals. At present, most of the electric forklifts produced by domestic companies use the second technology, while foreign companies have both. Now the electric forklift greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators, which will greatly help improve its work efficiency and work accuracy.
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