Four major systems and maintenance skills of electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-26
Jingxin forklift manufacturers carry the mission of providing high-quality forklift products and intelligent logistics equipment to users all over the world, and leading the development of China's forklift industry/electric forklifts and intelligent logistics equipment. We hope to get your continued care and support, and we will definitely gain more With more successful experience, we have achieved greater results in the new round of development.  The four major systems and maintenance techniques of electric forklifts:   一, circuit system  1, check the sensitivity of each control system.   2. Check whether the contact points are worn.   3. Check the light signal system, if necessary, replace the bulb and fuse.  4. Check and adjust the proportion of sulfuric acid in the battery, clean the surface of the battery, and tighten the battery terminal.  5. Check the lifting, driving and hydraulic pump carbonization.   6. Whether the insulation and connecting parts are damaged or loose.  7, the overall circuit dust removal.  2. Transmission system  1. Check the tire screws and tires.  2. Check and adjust the brake system and the movable joints and add butter.   3. Clean the rotating bearings, bearings and add lubricating oil.  4. Check the automatic gearbox system, change the automatic gearbox and change the filter.   5. Clean the gear box and change gear oil.   3. Chain assembly    1. Check the lifting chain for cracks and damage.  2. Clean the driving chain, bearing and add lubricating oil.   3. Clean up the lifting chain, chain shaft and add lubricating oil.   Fourth, hydraulic system    1. If necessary, adjust and clean the hydraulic oil valve.  2. Check the hydraulic pump, oil hose, joint and oil seal for oil leakage.   3. Clean the hydraulic oil tank, change the hydraulic oil and clean the filter.
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