Four components of electric forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-19
Electric forklifts are mainly composed of power system, chassis, working equipment and electrical equipment. Let me talk about it separately: 1. Power system: The internal combustion balanced weight forklift is powered by a gas turbine, and the key is gasoline engine, diesel engine, gas engine and dual-fuel engine. Electric forklifts generally use batteries as the power device and AC current as the power device. Because the application field of AC forklifts is limited and there are few applications, the electric forklifts that are often referred to generally refer to battery forklifts. 2. Electrical equipment: The electrical equipment of the internal combustion forklift is composed of switching power supply system software, power consumption machinery and equipment, household appliances, and protection equipment. 3. Equipment at work: The working equipment of electric forklifts is a characteristic organization that is different from other vehicles, also known as hoisting organization. Carry out loading and unloading, palletizing, short-circuit transportation and other work. The equipment at work is composed of mechanical equipment and hydraulic transmission system, and can be divided into three types: gantry type, parallel plane link type and boom telescopic joint. Among them, the gantry type is the most common. 4. Forklift chassis: Its function is to install various components, complete the driving force transmission of the diesel engine, and ensure that the forklift works normally. It consists of transmission device, driving system software, automobile steering system and attached machinery and equipment.
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