Forklifts should replace pistons when necessary

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-27
In the process of using the forklift, if we encounter some emergency situations, we have to carry out some necessary maintenance. Here we will introduce the replacement of the piston for you. The thermal state of severe knocking, but has not reached the standard cylinder wear and overhaul; individual cylinders are seriously damaged; the piston pin and the hole are loose, but the piston pin is the largest repair size, the replacement should be the piston. Replace the piston, and repair the piston pin hole if necessary. You can still use the piston, piston pin and hole, but with loose, replace the piston pin to a fixed size. Forklift manufacturers remind that the pistons of forklifts must be checked regularly for a period of time to avoid certain problems during use.
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