Forklift push-pull related introduction

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-02
We all know the forklift pusher in the process of using the forklift, so what are the structural characteristics of this machine? Let's study it together. The forklift push-pull includes an upright support, an upright front push plate and a push-pull mechanism. The push-pull mechanism is located between the support and the front push plate. The push-pull mechanism includes a rear guide shaft, a right rear connecting rod, a left rear connecting rod, a right rear active arm, a left rear active arm, two push-pull cylinders, a front guide shaft, and a right front connection. The rod, the left front connecting rod, the right front active arm, the left front active arm, and a pressing mechanism composed of two pressing oil cylinders, a pressing plate and a hook plate. In the process of using forklifts, we must pay attention to some specifications for use, especially in the use of push-pullers.
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