Forklift push-pull related features

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-02
The application of forklifts has led to the emergence of more types of attachments. Different attachments have their own different usage specifications and related characteristics. So what are the main features of the push-pull? The overall structure of the push-pull has a wide field of vision, is dexterous and easy to operate. Carry out pallet-free loading and unloading operations for goods, and use low-cost sliding pallets to solve the pallet storage space. The alloy fork plate is durable, smooth and smooth, which can avoid the damage of the goods in the contact part of the sliding plate during the operation. Using highly simple hydraulic components and reasonable configuration, the hydraulic pressure is well protected and the service life is long. The overall material of the forklift pusher is made of high-strength alloy materials. Different types of attachments will bring direct convenience to different industries and use environments, and we will also provide you with different models of forklifts for you to choose from.
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