Forklift maintenance and repair introduces the key points of engine oil

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-16
Forklift maintenance and repair introduces the factors of oil The international recognition of oil viscosity and quality grade adopts SAE's oil viscosity classification method and API quality grade standards. Forklift maintenance introduction Engine oil is divided into single-viscosity engine oil (such as SAE30) and multi-viscosity engine oil (such as SAE5W-30). Now most vehicles use multi-viscosity engine oil, because this kind of engine oil contains a variety of special additives, which makes the engine oil in a low temperature environment. It is easy to flow, does not condense, maintains its consistency and does not decompose in high temperature environments. The W in the oil label represents Winter, and the number before W represents the low-temperature fluidity of the oil. The smaller the number, the better the fluidity of the oil. Engine wear is mainly concentrated at the moment of cold start. Good oil fluidity can minimize engine wear. The number after W indicates the high temperature viscosity of the oil. The larger the number, the better the protection performance at high temperature. In addition, the choice of oil viscosity must also consider the old and new degree of the car. The gap between the engine parts of the new car is very small, so you should choose a lower viscosity oil, and the vehicle with severe engine wear should choose a higher viscosity oil.
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