Forklift hook usage

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-18
A lifting hook is a lifting hook installed on a fork or skewer for lifting goods. According to Shandong forklift professionals, because the weight of the hook is often very heavy, the forklift manufacturer reminds you that there are the following requirements when selecting the hook: The technical conditions of the self-made hook should comply with GB 10051.1-88~ The provisions of GB 10051.5-88; the hook piece of the plate hook should be riveted with countersunk head rivets, and the high stress bending part of the plate hook and the lifting point of the lifting object should not be connected by rivets. Pay attention to its longitudinal axis, which must be in the rolling direction of the steel plate, and the hook piece is not allowed to be spliced. In addition, fully enclosed welding is not allowed between the plate hook laminations, only intermittent welding is allowed. The hook shall not have defects that affect the safe use performance; the defects of the hook shall not be repaired by welding; the surface of the hook shall be smooth, and there shall be no defects such as cracks, folds, sharp angles, burrs, peeling, and overburning. The hooks that have been subjected to the overload test should be discarded. Two suitable positions can be selected at the shortest distance of the hook opening to print the mark that is not easy to wear and tear, and the distance of the mark can be measured as the basis for detecting whether the opening degree changes during use. The purchase of the hook should have the manufacturer's certificate of conformity and other technical documents before it can be used; the purchase of the hook by important departments such as railways, ports, etc., the hook must be strictly inspected (flaw detection) when it leaves the factory.
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