Forklift fork placement and use

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-13
One of the important parts of the forklift is the hydraulic cylinder, which is cylindrical in shape and is mainly used to lift the fork so that the forklift can pick up the goods. When the forklift is empty or loaded, the question of whether the upper fork is tilted forward or backward has troubled many people. In fact, the fork is tilted backward when the forklift is empty or loaded, mainly for safety reasons. , rather than to facilitate the conduct of work. If the fork is tilted forward, once the forklift brakes, there is a danger of being hit and injured; and if it is tilted backward, it can form a certain resistance, so the above danger must be avoided. If distilled water is used in the forklift, the main function is to supplement the storage liquid in the battery of the rechargeable bottle to prevent it from excessively volatilizing, thus affecting the normal use of the battery. For forklift maintenance work, it is necessary to have certain qualifications. Specifically, its operators should hold a lifting equipment mechanical maintenance technician certificate.
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