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Focus and foreign giants

Focus and foreign giants


October 19 to 20, the annual feast of the global industry by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, Korea Construction Machinery Association jointly sponsored the "Global Engineering Machinery Industry Summit Conference and the 50" (English name for the T50 Forum) in China World Hotel was held. "China Joint Business News" reporter learned from the meeting, gurus from around the construction machinery field around the "opportunities, integration, the strain," the theme to the construction machinery industry developments, industry restructuring trends, prospects for economic recovery and other issues depth.


Reshape the new global pattern


In the post-crisis era, the volatility of the global economy, the market is the "active zone" of the transfer, the rise of emerging powers and the traditional industry giants both offensive and facilities and so on, are reshaping the new pattern of the world's construction machinery industry, and will push the entire industry to unprecedented historical stage and mark. Currently, the global construction machinery industry sales have more than 200 billion US dollars mark, both in the regional market size and the overall center of gravity, the global construction machinery industry are transferred to the emerging markets, the industry is moving toward unprecedented historical stage and pass the world and China's construction machinery industry are facing new opportunities and challenges.


After years of rapid development, China's construction machinery market has ranked first in the world, in 2011 the industry will be more than 500 billion yuan scale. Huge potential Chinese construction machinery market has become the world's most open, competitive fullest, one of the highest degree of internationalization of the market. Today, the world's top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the 39 foreign companies, of which 37 have entered China, and build a sound business system, many companies also invested in a manufacturing and R & D base, local production.


Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Terex, XCMG, Zoomlion, Liugong, building workers and other global industry, "the highest point" of the leaders of the elite on this series of issues in-depth exchanges and discussions seeking industry under the new situation the best growth patterns.


Wang Min, chairman and president of Xugong Group believes that the current Chinese enterprises are accelerating into the world, it has become an important driving force in the global industry. In this process, while foreign companies are advancing China, more and more of the substance of the piece, the more with the world of ideas, products and technology into China under the Chinese fabric, promote faster development of China's construction machinery industry . At the same time, Chinese enterprises are also accelerating sea, and vigorously promote the international market expansion. Chinese enterprises overseas has begun to bid farewell to promote simple product export model, instead invest in overseas factories, overseas acquisitions and other high-end fashion. This "one into a" between the overall competitive strength of China's construction machinery industry, is among the world's most comprehensive docking and advanced level. "


Industry return to rational track


At present, although the global economic situation is complicated, but there is still growth in the global construction machinery industry market base, where US and European economies remains a key factor in the global construction machinery industry growth impact. In the long run, if the US and European economic downturn and China's macro-regulation does not relax, the global construction machinery industry will be severely affected. From the global construction machinery industry boom index, when the financial crisis in 2008 to 80% in January to highs of 66.1 percent rise, followed in September and fell to -20.2%, the impact of the financial crisis is far from over.


From the Chinese construction machinery industry, due to China's construction machinery products are not high in market share in Europe and America, the current weakness in European and American markets affect China's construction machinery industry is not large. Annual economic growth target Chinese government to develop the Chinese construction machinery market growth "reassurance." While the rate of urbanization and mechanization rate increase, protection of housing construction, large-scale infrastructure such as water conservancy construction, along with customer needs upgrading and technological upgrading of product renewal and upgrading of the post-market demand are still the main driver of growth in China's construction machinery market ; In addition, the Chinese construction machinery products in the global market share will steadily.


As at the end of 2008 China launched four trillion economic stimulus plan coming to an end, fixed asset investment slowdown, construction machinery ownership increases customer ROI decreased (single work costs decline, rising labor and fuel costs). In the context of weak domestic and external demand, China's construction machinery industry is gradually return to rational steady growth, rapid growth in 2010 and the first quarter of this year, difficult to reproduce, Chinese construction machinery market size and global scale construction machinery market growth will slow down. From this perspective, the global construction machinery industry competition will be more intense.


In Chinese construction machinery industry in the second and third quarter of this year and the next period of time it can be expected sales "diving" is "cool" or "winter", and foreign giants disagree. Some believe that sales of China market in 2010 and the first quarter of abnormal hot (excessive overdraft in advance) lead to 2-4 quarter sales this year and early next year the year of poor data, China's construction machinery industry is undergoing a "cool"; at the same time, China market has not experienced the "winter" in the true sense, China's construction machinery business cycle also insufficient awareness, a higher risk. Some believe that the Chinese government's macro-control, tightening monetary policy and the economy second bottom in Europe and America brought the Chinese construction machinery industry "winter."


Whether it is "cool" or "winter", a market correction is becoming a Chinese construction machinery enterprises "hard skills" opportunities. Chinese construction machinery industry in the past two years has experienced an unusually hot, busy with the production and delivery of the era, delayed management, technology, market innovation and personnel training. Market return to the track of scientific rational development, it is China construction machinery enterprises to think about how "hard skills" to strengthen the internal potential and create their own core competitiveness, and even the opportunity to enhance their market position.

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