The fixed hydraulic loading and unloading platform is suitable for the loading and unloading of goods in warehouses, workshops, automobiles and containers. There is no need to set up cargo platforms or steel frames. It can be directly lifted and unloaded from the ground. The professionally designed movable deck can smoothly overlap the car. Forklift, manual Hydraulic forklifts can carry out loading and unloading operations conveniently and smoothly. The balance function of the torsion spring of the slab makes the operation easy and free. After the operation is completed, the platform is level with the ground, which does not occupy ground space and does not affect the passage of the passage.

1. Compact and stable structure, suitable for high frequency continuous operation.

2. The lifting is highly stable, which can meet the stable lifting of large-tonnage cargo.

3. Equipped with anti-attachment, overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation.

4. Any configuration of rollers, balls, turntables and other tables can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

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