Features and applicable occasions of reach forkliftu200b

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-16
The characteristics and applicable occasions of the front-moving forklift The mast or the fork frame of the front-moving forklift can be moved forwards and backwards. The mast-forward forklift means that the mast drives the fork to move forward during operation and extends beyond the front wheels. When picking up or putting down the goods, the fork takes the goods back when walking, so that the center of gravity of the goods is within the supporting surface; and the forward-moving forklift refers to the shelf that drives the fork to move forward beyond the front wheel for operation, and the fork frame drives when walking. The fork is retracted into the support plane. The reach forklift has two extended outriggers. The outriggers are higher. There are two wheels at the front of the outriggers. The function of the outriggers is to ensure the stability of the forklift under load. Compared with the forklift with legs, the front wheels are larger and the outriggers are higher. During operation, the outriggers cannot be inserted into the bottom of the cargo, and the mast can move along the track inside the outriggers with the entire lifting mechanism, so that the fork forks After picking up the cargo, it can be retracted by slightly raising it to ensure the stability of the forklift during operation. Same as the forklift, the center of gravity of the cargo falls on the support plane of the vehicle, so the stability is very good. . Suitable for operations in workshops and warehouses. The forward-moving forklift has a small lifting weight and is driven by an electric motor. The mast of the forward-moving forklift can be moved forward along the track on the inner side of the leg with the lifting mechanism, which is convenient for forklifting and picking up the goods. After picking up the goods, the mast returns to its original position along the inner track of the outrigger after lifting a short height. Reach forklifts have the common characteristics of counterbalanced forklifts and electric stackers. When the mast rises to the top, the center of gravity of the load falls on the outside of the fulcrum, which is equivalent to an electric stacker at this time. The combination of these two performances makes this forklift have the advantages of operational flexibility and high load. At the same time, the volume and dead weight will not increase much, and the dead weight of the truck will not increase much. The dead weight of the truck is about 500kg. At the same time, it can save space and reduce the turning radius. , Suitable for indoor warehouse operations with narrow passages.
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