Electric stackers need to keep the goods low and approach the shelves carefully

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-22
With the emergence of various handling equipment, electric pallet trucks and electric stackers are used more and more frequently, which are widely used. In the logistics handling industry, we can clearly see the use of electric stackers. Nowadays, environmentally-friendly logistics handling equipment has gradually entered people's sight. The extensive use of electric stackers is an excellent example. The following editor will introduce the stacking, loading and unloading operation procedures of the electric stacker for you. Before driving the fully electric stacker, check the working conditions of the brakes and pumping station, and ensure that the battery is fully charged. Hold the control handle with both hands and force the stacker to drive slowly toward the work cargo. If you want to stop, you can use the hand brake or foot brake to stop the stacker. The following will focus on introducing the basic process of stacking and unloading operations of the stacker: 1. The stacking operation of the electric stacker (1) Keep the goods low and approach the shelves carefully. (2) Lift the goods to the top of the shelf plane. (3) Move forward slowly, and stop when the goods are above the shelf. Put down the pallet at this point and pay attention to the fork not exerting force on the shelf under the goods to ensure that the goods are in a safe position. (4) Slowly return and ensure that the pallet is in a safe and secure position. (5) Lower the fork to a position where the stacker can travel. 2. Electric stacker unloading operation (1) When the fork is low, keep vertical to the shelf and carefully approach the shelf and insert it into the bottom of the pallet. (2) Return the stacker to let the fork move the outgoing tray. (3) Raise the fork to reach the required height, and slowly move to the pallet to be unloaded, while ensuring that the fork can easily enter the pallet and the goods are in a safe position of the fork. (4) Lift the fork of the stacker until the pallet is lifted from the shelf. (5) The stacker slowly retreats in the passage. (6) Slowly lower the cargo while ensuring that the fork of the stacker does not touch obstacles during the lowering process. Electric stacker, we can know that this is a stacker by looking at the name of the device. The above is for the related unloading operations of the electric stacker, and I hope it will be helpful for you to use the electric stacker. Our company has set up offices and maintenance points in all major cities in China to provide customers with various services to ensure that each customer has channels for purchase and after-sales guarantee. Here, the Jingxin factory wholeheartedly welcomes new and old customers at home and abroad to visit and patronize.
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