Electric pallet truck manufacturers will choose suitable tires according to the working conditions and road conditions

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-01
Electric forklifts have played a great role in loading, unloading and handling, greatly improving the efficiency of operations and reducing labor expenditures. However, while employees enjoy the convenience brought by electric forklifts, they must not forget to carry out routine maintenance, etc., which can greatly extend the service life of electric forklifts and reduce the possibility of failure during use. This can also reduce the cost of its use, so the maintenance of the forklift is more necessary. Next, let the electric pallet truck manufacturer introduce the aspects that need to be maintained. 1. Replace tires that are easy to wear. This is a work that must be done, just like a sports car. Due to the full load of work, the tires are worn out, so the sports car needs to be replaced after a period of time, so that the competition can continue. The electric forklift is also For the same reason, excessive wear or fragmentation of the tires will make the electric forklift unstable during the working process and generate huge vibrations, which will cause great damage to the electrical system and the hydraulic system. Therefore, when choosing an electric forklift, in addition to choosing more wear-resistant tires, we also need to pay attention to the material and type of wheels when choosing an electric forklift according to the actual conditions of the road surface, whether damping wheels or road wheels are needed. 2. Keep the working environment of the electric forklift clean, and at the same time pay attention to the cleaning of the electric forklift itself. The working environment of electric forklifts, such as warehouses and production workshops, generally has some sundries entangled on the wheels of the electric forklifts, which will affect the work efficiency. Therefore, check more and know the impact of these sundries on the electric forklifts in time, and often Clean the floor of the electric forklift workplace, and even consider using plastic pallets or metal pallets instead of wooden pallets. 3. Add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in time. Electric forklift machinery needs more maintenance, and insufficient hydraulic oil will cause the electric forklift to fail to reach its rated height and rated load, which will also affect work efficiency. 4. Operate the electric forklift in accordance with the operation manual of the electric forklift, otherwise it will damage the electric forklift without diagnosis and treatment and cause an electric forklift accident. The above are some directions that electric forklift manufacturers need to pay attention to and maintain. In fact, this is only a part of them. Before using the forklift, you should also check whether the tires are in good condition. If the tires are severely worn, replace them in time, otherwise the forklift may slip and cause rollover during use. In addition to maintenance, correct operation in accordance with the forklift operation manual can also extend its service life to a large extent and ensure the excellent performance of the forklift.
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