Electric pallet truck manufacturers share that the short circuit of the drive plate of the electric pallet truck will cause it to move slowly

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-03
With the development of the logistics and warehousing industry, electric pallet trucks have played an important role in the warehousing industry. When the goods are too heavy or the place is too high, you can use the electric pallet truck, which saves manpower and time to a large extent. Electric pallet trucks refer to forklifts that use electricity to work, and most of them work with batteries. The accumulator is a kind of battery, and its function is to store the limited electric energy and use it in a suitable place. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. To ensure that the electric pallet truck can operate normally, inspection and maintenance are also required. Let's talk about the electric pallet truck manufacturer below. When the electric pallet truck is walking slowly, you can do the following inspections on the following electric pallet truck accessories: 1. Check whether the battery voltage of the electric pallet truck accessories is too low. If the voltage is ok, check whether the battery power is enough to replace electric power. The truck is used for normal operation. The troubleshooting methods are: if the battery has no voltage or the voltage is too low, directly charge the battery to supplement the power. 2. Check whether the drive system accessories of the electric pallet truck, such as the switch and circuit, are loose or short-circuited, and whether the micro switch is damaged. Remedy: repair and clean up the circuit, replace or repair the micro switch. 3. Check whether the drive contactor assembly of the electric pallet truck is burnt out, or the coil is short-circuited, open circuit, or poor contact. Remedy: repair the platinum contact of the electric pallet truck contactor or directly replace a new hydraulic contactor Assembly. 4. Check whether the drive module is burnt out, short circuit, or open circuit. Solution: repair or replace the module assembly. 5. Check whether the drive board or power board is burnt out or short-circuited. 6. Check whether the power supply voltage of the drive motor is coming over, check whether the motor is short-circuited, open circuit, or leaking, and check whether the carbon brush is severely worn. Remedy: repair the circuit, replace the carbon brush of the motor and repair the copper head of the motor, repair the hydraulic motor assembly or replace with a new hydraulic motor. 7. Check whether the drive gearbox, gears, disk angle teeth or drive wheels of the electric pallet truck are damaged. The troubleshooting method: disassemble the damaged and repair it or directly replace the new gearbox assembly. If the gear is damaged, replace it directly with a new one. Gears, replace the angle gears or drive wheels with new ones. Maintenance of the electric pallet truck: 1. Lift the wheels during a test run, so that even if there is a wrong connection, it will not cause danger. 2. When charging the battery, it is necessary to completely separate the charging circuit from the chopper, because in addition to affecting the charging of the charger, the overvoltage generated by the charger will also damage the chopper. 3. Pay special attention to the wiring from the battery to the electric control to be arranged in parallel and as short as possible. 4. When the vehicle is operating in a place with harsh working conditions and difficult ventilation, it is recommended to implement forced ventilation on the controller. 5. Do not slow down when turning, drive when the load is high, overload the forklift, drive on sloping, soft ground, etc. The driver should try to avoid these unsafe operations during operation. 6. Regularly clean the internal dust of the DC motor and check the carbon brushes and springs. 7. If the electric forklift is not used for a long time, the battery should be fully charged and put on hold. And keep the frequency of 1-2 months apart for charging. The above is what the editor introduces to you about the inspection and daily maintenance of electric pallets when there are problems. I hope that after reading it, it can be helpful to everyone! Electric pallets provide great convenience for warehousing operations, and are improving The work efficiency also guarantees the protection of the staff. In order to make the life of the electric pallet truck longer, its inspection and maintenance are indispensable.
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