Electric pallet truck manufacturers share that the bolts of the entire vehicle need to be tightened and coated with anti-rust fluid to prevent later corrosion and difficult maintenance

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-02
When it comes to electric pallet trucks, the first thing that comes to mind should be warehouse handling or logistics handling, because these two industries are extremely important for cargo handling. Some items are too large and too heavy, and obviously manpower is not enough. At this time, electric handling is required. vehicle. The electric pallet truck meets the vacancy of manpower, which also shows that it cannot be idle as a machine. So, in the nearly ten days or even dozens of days of unused time, how to maintain the electric pallet truck so that it does not harm the application of the next year? The following will be discussed by the electric pallet truck manufacturer. 1. Debug the whole vehicle in all directions, check whether there is any safety hazard in the electrical control system route, whether the electrical appliance electrode connection line is damaged, if there is any, it should be cleaned on the spot; 2. Adjust the front and rear brake pedals to ensure that the brake pedals are flexible and reliable; 3. Is the handle turned reliable? Is there a situation where the handle and the front fork drag each other; 4. Check whether the rear wheel transmission has oil leakage, whether the sealing gasket is damaged, or lacks grease, etc. , Immediately remove and replace the sealing gasket to fill up the grease. The motor sprocket chain and transmission chain should be greased regularly. If the damage is serious, they should be removed and replaced immediately to prevent damage to the application. 5. Tighten the anchor bolts of the whole vehicle on time and check whether they are loose or falling. Apply an anti-rust liquid appropriately to prevent the screws from rusting and make maintenance difficult in the middle and late stages. The manufacturer of the electric pallet truck should pay attention to the condition of the bolts. Sixth, the whole car is cleaned, scrubbed and tidy; Seventh, the more important thing is to check the battery to see if the rechargeable battery is fixed on the car, if there are bumps on the surface of the case, and if the cable is connected reliably. Check the battery charging status and quality according to the electric eye on the battery. Emerald green indicates that the battery is up to the standard, gray-black indicates that there is no power, and the milky white indicates that the rechargeable battery is damaged and must be replaced. Do not store the battery without electricity. When the battery is not in use, the battery should be charged once a month, which can increase the battery life. If the car is not used for a long time or the battery charging system software has common faults, when the battery load working voltage is less than 10V, and the full load working voltage is less than 12.4V, the battery must be charged: 1. Grasp the battery charging time. Under normal circumstances, the battery will charge the battery at night. The average battery charging time of electric pallet truck manufacturers is about 8 hours. If it is shallow charging and discharging (the mileage is very short after the battery is charged, and the remaining battery power consumption is about 60%-80%), the battery will fill up quickly, and the battery will be overcharged again when the battery is charged, causing the battery to run out of water, Hot, reducing battery life. Therefore, when the battery is charged and discharged at a depth of 60%-70% (the remaining power consumption is only 30%-40%), it can be converted into mileage in specific applications, and the necessary battery charging can be carried out according to the specific situation. Prevent hazardous battery charging; 2. In the first stage of the battery charging head, the battery is charged with 1/10 of the battery capacity, and the current is 6A. When the battery is charged to the average value, the voltage of each battery is 16A, and then it becomes the second stage of battery charging; 3. The second stage of battery charging is to charge the battery with a current of battery capacity x 0.045, such as a 6-QW-60 battery, and the current is 60x0.045u003d2.7A. When the battery is charged to the average value, the voltage of each battery is 16V and then recharge for 3-5 hours; 4. When the temperature of the lithium battery electrolyte exceeds 40 degrees when the battery is charged, the battery should be terminated to reduce the current capacity or physically reduce the fever. When the temperature reaches forty-five degrees, be sure to terminate the battery charging to prevent the rechargeable battery from swelling and exploding; 5. Ensure good natural ventilation in the battery charging room. It is strictly prohibited to use fire and flammable materials from high temperature exposure; Emerald. Electric pallet trucks need to work around the clock when there are a lot of goods. Long-term wear and tear will inevitably damage the machine itself. This requires more protection and maintenance of the electric pallet truck. You need to pay attention to time whether it is from daily use or battery charging and maintenance. In order to fundamentally extend the service life.
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