Electric pallet truck manufacturers share simple, easy-to-operate and excellent performance that will become an essential feature of an idealized electric pallet truck

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-03
Nowadays, electric forklift trucks have become the most popular raw material and equipment handling in the manufacturing industry. The market share of manual pallet trucks and fuel forklifts has gradually declined because of everyone’s in-depth understanding of environmental protection, energy saving, and environmental protection concepts. , Electric pallet trucks, electric stacker series products, electric forklifts will eventually become popular raw material machinery and equipment in the new era. Then, as far as the electric vehicle handling manufacturer is concerned, which electric pallet trucks are considered to be idealized electric pallet trucks. 1. Excellent performance and high reliability. For customers, the spare parts of electric pallet trucks are an important part. Only good spare parts can guarantee all the product characteristics: 1. Communication with the AC drive system software makes the electric pallet truck reflect faster and operate more quickly. Accurate, more stable operation. 2. Communicate with the AC drive motor, show stronger driving force, and continue to maintain high-speed operation under full load conditions, with a climbing degree of more than 8% full load, making work more common and more efficient. 3. Communication control panel, reliable quality, excellent characteristics, with braking, reverse braking system and various main parameter adjustable functions, so that the fitness and sports characteristics of the whole vehicle can be better under different working conditions condition. 4. Hydraulic system, low noise, small vibration, good sealing characteristics, full load reduction rate automatic adjustment, to ensure the stability and reliability of lifting reduction. 5. The shape design of the electric pallet truck with high toughness is suitable for the workplace with high toughness and has a long service life. 2. High safety index. All machinery and equipment, raw materials, machinery and equipment must make a difference at the level of safety design plan, otherwise it is difficult to develop a long-term trend, and electric pallets are not listed. Safety is the key to this machinery and equipment. 1. High-quality electronic control system reflects dexterity and easy operation. 2. Super heavy design, compact structure, suitable for narrow indoor space. 3 large-space batteries to ensure long-term work. 4Imported electric hydraulic pump makes the lifting of goods stable and powerful. 5 Low-voltage maintenance function, maintain the rechargeable battery, and increase the service life. 3. Easy to operate. The easier it is to operate the electric pallet truck, the more it is loved by the masses. Because it is easy to operate, simple and efficient, it also makes the electric pallet truck quickly sell in the sales market. 1. The rocker head of the ergonomic design of the electric pallet truck is beautiful and simple, and all the actual operation functions can be easily completed by simple buttons on the rocker. 2. The joystick of the ergonomic design of the electric pallet truck is convenient for left-hand and right-hand actual operation and improves the safety of driving comfort. 3. The longer control joystick greatly reduces the turning force and makes the control lighter. 4. The turning angle of the rocker exceeds 180 degrees, and the entire vehicle body is shorter, so that the vehicle turning minimum radius is smaller, and the practical operation flexibility is improved. 5. Slow-speed driving function, with the joystick in a near vertical position, the driving speed will be automatically reduced, which is conducive to accurate work in a small indoor space. Four, easy maintenance, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and make customers feel at ease. It is also easier to apply. 1. Communication with AC drive motor, no motor carbon brush, no need to overhaul the foundation, greatly reducing maintenance costs. 2. The control panel self-diagnosis system software, according to the common fault codes displayed by the handheld unit, it is more convenient to deal with common faults. 3. The chronograph and the electricity consumption meter are standard equipment, which conveniently reminds the operator to charge the battery properly. 4. The disassembly of the body itself is convenient. Only by removing the 2 anchor bolts and the rear cover, the key and important parts can be inspected and repaired immediately, and every part in the car can be dismantled and replaced in a short time. 5. The battery box cover is easy to open, and it is convenient to fill the battery with pure water or lithium battery electrolyte. 6. The application of the vertical motor makes the inspection and maintenance of the motor and brake pedal immediately and convenient, and the maintenance characteristics are much better than that of the horizontal motor. The above is the definition of an idealized electric pallet truck introduced by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading it. Electric pallet trucks are very important for warehousing and handling. In the process of gradual upgrade of electric pallet trucks, manufacturers must hope that it can be extremely easy to use, which saves complicated and redundant processing steps. For this kind of mechanical equipment, the simpler the better, the better the performance.
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