Electric forklift technicians said that for the brand positioning of electric forklift trucks, the following requirements should be paid attention to:

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-20
1. Take the electric forklift brands used in industries with poor working environment and heavy workload as reference objects, and electric forklifts that can withstand the test of harsh environments are good forklifts. 2. The ex-factory price of the manufacturer's electric stacker is always lower than the price sold by the agent. If the user finds that the price of the same type of product is much lower than the quotation of the forklift manufacturer during the online price comparison, please beware of fraudulent purchase traps. Don't think that you can buy the low-priced products right away, thinking that you can buy high-quality and low-cost products. On the contrary, the quality of low-priced products will definitely have problems.  3. To understand the strength and background of the manufacturer in certain fields, you can check it online or through related friends. It is more important than understanding a forklift from the surface. 4. Most companies pay more attention to the trend of brand and quality rather than price, do not follow the trend, even if it is the same product, the design ideas of different manufacturers are not exactly the same, so the company that orders forklifts must consider the safety of the forklifts you buy problem. Can not simply consider the price is cheap.   5. It is best for companies to order forklifts through manufacturers. Now there are more online sales units, but not many real manufacturers. The real manufacturer welcomes you to visit the factory. Even if there is no spot in the workshop, there are at least semi-finished products and accessories. If there is nothing, it can only mean that it is not a real manufacturer.   Six. After understanding and familiarizing with the entire product and the manufacturer, after making the final decision, I believe that 90% of the choices are correct, and I can rest assured for the products I buy. Summary: We need to choose the brand of electric stacker according to the actual situation.
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