Electric forklift steering wheel skills (illustration)

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-19
When electric forklifts are working, they often need to perform steering operations. There are many skills in steering operations. The following electric forklift manufacturers share the steering wheel skills of forklifts: 1. Hold the quick-turn handle on the steering wheel left and right, and place the right hand on the rim of the steering wheel. On the right side, the thumb is naturally straight upward, and the four fingers hold the edge of the face plate from the outside to the inside. 2. When the right hand manipulates other working devices, the left hand can still steer left and right freely. 3. When driving on a straight road, the action of manipulating the steering wheel of the electric forklift should be smooth, soft and even, and do not shake it casually. 4. When the forklift is turning, pull with one hand and push the steering wheel with the other hand, and turn the steering wheel reasonably according to the size of the turning radius. 5. If you need to make a sharp turn, turn the quick-turn handle quickly with your left hand to achieve the purpose of changing the direction. 6. The steering wheel connected to the full hydraulic steering gear or the steering gear is the operating component that realizes the steering or straight travel of the electric forklift. The quick-turn handle set on the steering wheel is used to hold the handle with the left hand and control the action of the steering wheel when the multi-way reversing valve is operated with the right hand. The above is an introduction to the steering wheel skills of electric forklifts. If you want to know more about forklift operation skills, you can always pay attention to other information of our electric forklift manufacturers.
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