Electric forklift purchase dilemma

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-29
Electric forklift purchase dilemma 1. Drive-in racks are often used in conjunction with reach forklifts or small-tonnage counterbalanced forklifts. Advantages: high stacking density and good space utilization. Disadvantages: it is impossible to pick up goods at any shelf position; 2. Traditional The advantages of heavy-duty racking with counterbalanced forklift trucks: it can realize the forklift of goods at any rack position, high operating efficiency, moderate investment cost, and wide application. Disadvantages: insufficient space utilization; 3. Advantages of narrow aisle forklifts used with high-bay warehouses : The height of the goods stacking can exceed ten meters, and the goods can be picked up and picked at any shelf position, and the space utilization is good. Disadvantage: The investment cost is very high.
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