Electric forklift manufacturers tell you why the battery heats up in electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-30
If an electric forklift encounters a fault during its use, we need to repair it. Do you know what fault we don’t need to repair? What is the fault that we need to go to a professional repair shop to repair it? Next, the electric forklift manufacturer will summarize for you the failures that may occur during the use of the electric forklift, and how do we solve this problem? Symptom 1: After turning on the switch, the wheel hub rotates and the brake stops, but when the brake lever is released, the wheel hub rotates again. This phenomenon may be caused by three reasons: one is that the controller's optocoupler speed adjustment is offset. At this time, the control box should be opened and the optocoupler assembly potentiometer should be adjusted; the second is that the handle adjustment steel barrier is adjusted too tightly. The copper embedded screw on the shading rod should be loosened, and the length of the speed control steel wire inserted into the copper insert should be adjusted; the third is to adjust the rotation of the handle and the recovery is insufficient. At this time, the speed control handle should be opened, and the upper and lower shell rotating parts should be greased or replaced Upper and lower shells. Symptom 2: The battery of the electric forklift will be full as soon as it is charged and empty as soon as it is used. In this case, if the battery has been used for a long time, it may be due to the low output voltage of the charger, which seriously undercharges the battery. The output voltage of the charger should be adjusted to the normal range; if the battery has been used for a long time, it may be The battery enters a period of decline and cannot meet the long-term discharge, which means that the battery's service life is up and it needs to be replaced with a new battery. Symptom 3: After the electric forklift has been charged for 8 hours, the red light does not light up and the battery becomes hot. Under normal circumstances, everyone will think that the battery of the electric forklift is broken, and the whole group or single battery should be replaced. The editor here reminds everyone that a broken battery may be one of the reasons, but it may also be caused by the high charging voltage of the charger. You only need to adjust the charger voltage to the normal range. Symptom 4: The charger output plug-in is hot. Many electric forklift drivers usually find that the charger output plug-in is hot when charging the electric forklift, but they don't care very much. Here, the editor especially reminds that the charger output plug-in is hot and overheated, which may cause dangerous accidents such as fire for a long time. The charger output plug-in is hot because the output plug-in is loose and the surface of the contact point is oxidized. The oxide should be removed in time or the plug-in should be replaced. Fault phenomenon five: It feels slow when driving manually and has a strong sense of stagnation. This kind of failure phenomenon is easy to occur, because there are many reasons for this phenomenon, and the electric forklift driver should make corresponding treatment according to the specific situation. If the front brake or the holding brake (expanding brake) is rubbing against the rotating part, you only need to adjust the gap between the front and rear brakes and the rotating part. Under the premise of flexible rotation, ensure that the brake performance is good; if the chain is too tight , You only need to adjust the front and rear positions of the rear axle; if the front and rear axles and the bottom axle components are too tight or the parts are worn, loosen the fasteners or replace the worn parts. Of course, it is also possible that the reason for the insufficient inflation of the front and rear tires is the strong sense of weight and the slow speed. It is normal for electric forklifts to malfunction for a long time, and they also need to be repaired. Due to long-term driving of electric forklifts, many parts will be loose and poor contact. These 'faults' only need to be adjusted. No need to waste time to repair shop. The majority of electric forklift riders must pay attention to the maintenance of electric forklifts, so as to extend the service life of electric forklifts. The solutions provided by professional electric forklift manufacturers are hoped to be helpful to you. Thank you for your browsing!
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