Electric forklift manufacturers tell you that the lifting weight of electric forklifts is closely related to the load and lifting height

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-29
Many people can’t help but think of laborious and time-consuming when it comes to handling. Generally, low-level cargo is relatively easy to handle, but some stacked on high-level goods are sometimes really helpless, and electric forklifts can solve it well. It is difficult and tiring to carry. But this makes another worry one after another. How to buy an electric forklift? What if you don't pick the bad one? Then the electric forklift manufacturer will answer you one by one below. 1. The user correctly uses various models of electric forklifts based on the following specific conditions. 1. Use of site and shunting space; 2. Operating environment, air quality, temperature, road surface and ground bearing capacity, air and surrounding obstacle springboards and loading platform conditions, etc.; 3. Operating cycle, running distance and running speed, Large stacking height and lifting speed; 4. Load situation: the type and variety of goods, size, shape and heavy weight; 5. The busyness of work; 6. The situation of the operator: the driver's operating level, the habits and experience of using electric forklifts , The maintenance, maintenance and repair of drivers and maintenance personnel; 2. Correctly understand the relationship between the lifting capacity and load of electric forklifts. Generally speaking, the lifting capacity of electric forklifts is the lifting capacity under the condition of the index load, and the load and cargo The shape, size, and position are related. The lifting capacity decreases with the load. Different lifting heights also affect the lifting capacity. The use of various attachments also reduces the lifting capacity to varying degrees. 3. Under normal circumstances, choose an electric forklift, that is, the lifting capacity under standard load, standard lifting height and standard fork length. According to the different types of goods and the needs of users, you can choose masts with different lifting heights, forks with different lengths, and various attachments such as side shifters, rotating clamps, and soft holding clamps. It can also be equipped with solid tires and so on. 4. Internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts are generally used for outdoor use, small wheelbase forklifts can be used for better roads, and battery counterbalanced forklifts are generally used for indoor use. Forklifts mainly used in warehouses, and distribution can be used. Use reach forklifts and electric pallet stacking forklifts, and cold storage battery counterbalance forklifts can be used for cold storage. Fifth, the forklift into the container generally chooses 1-2.5t two-stage full-lift forklift with side shifter. 6. An 8-10t forklift with a widened fork frame should be used to carry 20 feet of empty containers outdoors, and a 16t forklift with side empty container spreaders can be used for stacking of 20-40 feet empty containers (currently only 3 layers can be stacked ). 7. In food and beverage enterprises and units with sufficient supply of liquid oxygen energy, such as gasoline forklifts, LPG forklifts can be used or modified. (Currently mainly used for imported gasoline engines) 8. In petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aerosol, cosmetics and other industrial sectors, as well as dangerous goods stations, warehouses and other places where there will be sexual mixtures, 2-2.5t explosion-proof can be selected Internal combustion forklift. 9. The user should be careful not to use the forklift to work under full load. The weight of a large number of goods to be transported should be lower than the lifting weight of the forklift. For example, the weight of frequently transported goods is 2t. Sometimes it is recommended to choose a 2.5t forklift for 2.1t-2.2t. Try not to buy a 2t forklift. The above is what the editor has introduced to you about the purchase and use of electric forklifts. I hope that after reading it, it will be helpful to everyone when buying and using electric forklifts. Choosing a good-quality electric forklift at the time of purchase will definitely take longer to use than ordinary forklifts, but in fact, the use time is also inseparable from the later maintenance of the electric forklift. The two are parallel, and the life of the electric forklift is undoubtedly extremely proper method.
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