Electric forklift manufacturers tell you that the horizontal placement of the forks provides convenience for stacking goods

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-29
Electric forklifts are a relatively environmentally friendly and practical cargo handling tool. They use electric energy as their energy system, which is environmentally friendly and will not cause polluting emissions. Now with the continuous improvement of our technology, the performance of electric forklifts has become more and more excellent, and the types of electric forklifts are also rich and varied. You can choose a suitable type of forklift to work according to the actual situation. Even in a small space, you can choose a light forklift to work. . For electric forklifts, the mast control system is the main load-bearing structure of the fetching device. What functions do they play? Let the electric forklift manufacturers show everyone. 1. Mast forward inclination angle control: Mast forward inclination angle control is to control the forward inclination angle of the mast according to the load and the lift height of the fork. This is to avoid the occurrence of excessive forward tilt during the operation of the operator, which may cause the cargo to fall or the forklift to tip over. The problem. 2. Automatic horizontal placement control of forks: This function provides convenience when stacking goods on shelves or picking up goods from shelves. Because the automatic horizontal placement function of the fork is to press the automatic horizontal placement switch when the tilt joystick is manipulated, the tilt operation will automatically stop when the fork reaches the horizontal position. 3. Mast tilting speed control: The mast tilting speed control is to prevent the goods from falling, even if the fork height is not more than two meters, when the automatic horizontal placement switch is pressed, the mast tilting speed can be reduced. 4. Start switch and lifting interlock control: This function can also prevent the fork from sinking or tilting naturally, improving safety. The main reason is that when the start switch is not powered on and the lift control lever is operated to lower the fork, the start switch and lift interlock control function will prevent the fork from falling. The mast control system of an electric forklift is often composed of forks, inner and outer masts, chains and other structures. It is a very critical part. Generally, these components play a role in the control of the front tilt angle of the mast, automatic horizontal placement control of the fork, and The backward tilt speed control of the mast also has a start switch and lifting interlock control. According to the electric forklift manufacturer, the mast of the electric forklift can be in two or more stages according to the requirements of the lifting height in the process of forklifting the goods. Through these introductions, do you have a better understanding of electric forklifts? If you want to know more, please contact us.
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