Electric forklift manufacturers share: the reasons why forklifts turn heavy

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-20
Many users have responded to the electric forklift manufacturer: Occasionally, the forklift may turn heavy during use, so what are the reasons for this failure? To sum up, there are mainly the following reasons. 1. The tie rod and steering axle are bent or deformed, or the tire pressure of the electric forklift is insufficient. 2. The adjustment of the ball head device of the horizontal and straight rods is too tight and needs to be loosened. 3. The upper and lower bearings of the steering screw of the electric forklift are adjusted too tightly, or the forklift bearings are damaged. 4. The steering gear is not well lubricated, for example, the steering gear needs to be refueled. The ball joints are not lubricated in time, so that when they work, the frictional resistance increases. Turn the lower steering wheel, if you feel relaxed, it means that the steering gear is well lubricated, and then check whether the transmission mechanism is too tight and the transmission mechanism is poorly lubricated. If problems are found, adjust and lubricate in time. 5. The meshing clearance between the electric forklift rack and the tooth sector is adjusted too tightly. When performing fault diagnosis and discharge, remove the rocker arm of the steering gear. If the steering wheel feels heavy when turning, adjust the progress of the rack, gear sector and screw bearing. If you feel uneven tightness, or if there is a jam inside, check the screws, steel balls, conduit clamps, racks, and bearings for roughness or damage. If necessary, it is recommended to repair or replace directly. The above are the reasons for the heavy steering of the forklift shared by the electric forklift truck manufacturers. It is recommended that when you encounter the problem of the heavy steering of the forklift, you should start from the above aspects and carry out investigations one by one to find the problem and solve it in time.
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