Electric forklift manufacturers adjust the speed of electric forklifts from inside the controller

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-31
Now the logistics of enterprises is becoming more and more important in the trade process. How to reduce labor costs for handling materials has become the primary issue for enterprises to consider. Therefore, electric forklifts have become the main force in material handling equipment. The wide application of electric forklifts has replaced manual handling. The problem reduces the cost of manual handling and also solves the problem of manual handling of large materials. However, after the widespread application of electric forklifts, manufacturers of electric forklifts are faced with a difficult problem, that is, some users require adjustment of the speed of electric forklifts. After purchasing an electric forklift, a company that uses an electric forklift may choose to let the electric forklift manufacturer adjust the speed because of the experience during use, but this is not advisable. According to the manufacturer, the speed of each truck is adjusted in accordance with national safety regulations, and the forklift speed will not be arbitrarily changed due to personal experience. If a series of safety issues arise from the company's forced adjustment of the speed, the manufacturer will not be held responsible at all. . The speed of the semi-electric forklift is adjusted from the internal parameters of the controller, and cannot be changed externally. So adjusting the speed of the semi-electric forklift is based on the model configuration to see which controller. There must be professional operators or manufacturers to assist in the operation to avoid unnecessary failures. The lifting speed of the semi-electric forklift is based on the lifting performance requirements of the lifting system: the peak value of the full-load lifting speed is 24m/s. If the speed is greater than this range, it means that a fault has occurred. In the case of too slow lifting or too fast deceleration, check the speed limiting valve installed on the base of the lifting cylinder. When the stiffness of the return spring in the spool valve is lower than the design requirement, the spool valve and the valve hole are too tightly matched. In this case, the spool valve will not be able to open fully, resulting in a slow increase in speed. If the orifice of the spool valve is too large, the descending speed will increase. If the orifice is blocked by dirt, it may also cause the descent speed to be much lower than the standard value, which will affect the efficiency of the forklift. This is also not allowed, and the fault caused by the blockage needs to be eliminated immediately. If the clearance between the mast side rollers, the main rollers and the mast is too small, the increase in friction will affect the lifting speed, and even cause the fork to be stuck under light load and cannot slide under its own weight. In this case, Need to readjust the side roller gasket set to obtain a larger backlash. If it is because the main roller is stuck in the channel steel of the mast and cannot slide down, you can perform several full-load lifting actions. This fault can basically be eliminated for the semi-electric forklift. Since the electric forklift manufacturers do not recommend arbitrarily adjusting the speed of electric forklifts, it is better for purchasers and users to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and do not forcefully adjust the speed of electric forklifts because of personal feelings of use. In production and work, whether it is a company or a manufacturer, everything must put safety first. Manufacturers must also check their electric forklifts frequently to ensure the safety of the electric forklifts sold at the factory.
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