Effective measures to avoid wear and tear of mobile lift hydraulic pump station

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-17
Effective measures to avoid wear and tear of mobile elevator hydraulic pump stations     daily, in the face of mobile elevator hydraulic pump cylinder oil leakage, seal ring wear, and low hydraulic pump pressure, these conditions are all prerequisites that lead to hydraulic pump wear. In response to this problem, the professional design staff made a series of improvements to the hydraulic pump. What is the effect? (L) Improve hydraulic system design. After many demonstrations, the advanced priority valve and load-sensing full hydraulic steering gear are finally adopted. The new system can give priority to the flow according to the steering requirements. Regardless of the size of the load and the speed of the steering wheel, it can ensure sufficient fuel supply. The remaining part can be supplied to the working device circuit, thereby eliminating the power caused by the excessive fuel supply of the steering circuit. Loss, improve the system efficiency, and reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic lift pump station. (2) Optimize the design of the boom cylinder and hydraulic pump to reduce the working pressure of the system. Through optimized calculation, the boom cylinder adopts the standard series 80/4. The displacement of the hydraulic pump is increased from 10ml/r to 14ml/r, and the system set pressure is 14MPa, which meets the requirements for the lifting force and speed of the boom cylinder. (3) Pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the loader during the use of the hydraulic lift pump station, add or replace the hydraulic oil regularly, maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, and strengthen daily inspection and maintenance. On the basis of the above, the Jinan elevator has improved the hydraulic system design, and the mobile, rail-type elevator and other elevator freight elevator gear pumps work more steadily without overloading. At the same time, the oil circuit design is reasonable, which improves the efficiency of the system, and gives full play to the performance of the whole machine, which improves the work efficiency. The steering action is smooth and reliable, avoiding the phenomenon of “fluttering” at high speeds
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