There are five common types, the first is a fully hand-pulled tank truck; the second is a manual tank truck with hydraulic power as the lifting power (also called a manual drum truck, a tank truck); the third is It is a manual tiltable oil drum truck with motor as turning power and hydraulic power lifting, also called manual oil drum raising vehicle; the fourth type is a manual tilting type with motor as turning power and electronic control + hydraulic as lifting power Drum trucks are also called electric drum lift trucks; the fifth is a fully automatic drum truck with electric lifting and electric walking. This kind of drum truck is an all-electric stacker with forks converted to fixtures. of.

The latter two are relatively large-scale tank handling and stacking trucks. The front is a small tank truck. The first three have a rated load of less than 300kg. The third and fourth are large tiltable tank trucks. , With a certain automatic type, such as the third type of manual tilting tank car, which can be turned by electric motor, and the fourth type of semi-electric tilting tank car, which can rely on the motor to turn the tank electrically, and at the same time, it can be powered by electricity. Liter tank car.

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