Do you know the three main points of forklift maintenance?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-19
Do you know the three main points of forklift maintenance? We can say without a doubt that a frequently used forklift must be regularly maintained in order to maintain a healthy and good vehicle condition and maximize its performance. But many people will also question: Must all these maintenance items be done? Can some projects not work? What impact and consequences will the forklift have if you don't do it? 1. Regular maintenance of the forklift truck's three filters and oil replacement. In the routine maintenance of the forklift, the most frequent replacement is the three filters: air filter element, diesel filter element (or gasoline filter element), oil filter element and engine oil. Among them, the three filters refer to It is a diesel filter or a gasoline filter, an air filter and an oil filter. Their function is to filter the impurities in the diesel or gasoline, the air and the oil, and prevent dust or other impurities from mixing into the engine. Causes abnormal wear or abnormal operation of forklift engine parts. Therefore, the ultimate goal of replacing the three filters is to better protect the forklift engine parts and extend the service life of the engine as much as possible. This is also the most routine maintenance item. 2. Regular maintenance of the engine timing belt should be regularly replaced. The timing belt is used by a small number of forklift gasoline engines. Some gasoline engines also use gears as timing gears. The main function of the timing belt is to Drive the camshaft to drive the engine's valve mechanism, so that the engine's intake and exhaust valves are opened or closed at appropriate times to ensure that the engine's cylinders can normally inhale and exhaust. For all gasoline engines equipped with timing belts, the timing belt must not be skipped or broken. If the skipped teeth occurs and the engine cannot work normally, there will be unstable idle speed and poor acceleration. Or not getting into the car. If the timing belt breaks, the entire forklift engine will stop immediately, and the multi-valve engine will also cause the piston to bend the top valve, which will seriously damage other parts of the engine. The timing belt of the forklift is a kind of rubber component which is a kind of vulnerable part among the many forklift accessories. With the increase of the working hours of the forklift engine, the timing belt and the accessories of the timing belt, such as the timing belt tensioner, the timing belt At the same time, the belt tensioner will be worn or aged. Therefore, many forklift engine forklift manufacturers equipped with timing belts have strict requirements, that is, the timing belt and accessories are regularly replaced within a specified period. The replacement period varies with the structure of the engine and the number of working hours. Generally, it is Determine whether it should be replaced after looking at the working hours of the forklift. The specific replacement cycle should be based on the forklift maintenance manual (maintenance schedule). 3. Regular maintenance of the regular maintenance of the gearbox oil (automatic gearbox oil). Compared with manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes that use automatic gearbox oil are functionally compared to manual gearboxes. Automatic gearboxes can realize automatic shifting and comfort when shifting gears. Good, simple operation and other advantages. From the structural point of view, the internal structure of the automatic transmission is more complicated than that of the manual transmission, and the parts are precise. Therefore, the automatic transmission also has higher requirements for maintenance. During maintenance, the automatic transmission needs to check the oil level of the transmission frequently and change the transmission oil regularly. The automatic transmission oil and the oil grid must be replaced after the forklift has been used for about 3000 hours. For those equipped with a transmission oil filter For forklifts, the filter must be replaced at the same time when changing the oil. It should be noted that when changing the oil, you must replace the genuine automatic transmission fluid specified by the manufacturer. This is because the internal structure, friction components and sealing components of different automatic transmissions will be different. The original factory oil is based on the transmission The structure and material of the box are specially formulated. Even if the quality of other brands of oil is good, it may not be really suitable (but it can be used, but it is not so good), and there will be some old oil remaining when changing the gearbox oil. In the oil passage of the gearbox and the hydraulic torque converter, when different oils are added, after the two different oils are mixed in the automatic gearbox, the performance of the automatic gearbox oil may decrease, resulting in the automatic gearbox Failures such as poor lubrication or abnormal operation have severely damaged the automatic transmission.
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